Trip Insurance Greece – What Travelers Need To Know

Trip insurance Greece

Trip insurance Greece

Greece is a popular destination for many travelers, with its sunny beaches and tranquil vineyard-covered hillsides. Families, groups, couples as well as the solo traveler find this destination ideal for a well-earned break from the stresses of everyday life. And with the right trip insurance, Greece travelers can also have peace of mind they’re covered for any unexpected mishap.

Travelers are always asking if it’s necessary to get travel coverage for places such as Greece. With Greece being classified as a Schengen country, it does become mandatory to have travel insurance if you need to apply for a visa. For travelers who don’t need to meet this requirement, it’s still highly recommended to have some form of trip insurance.

One of the main reasons most travelers take out trip insurance is for medical coverage. If you’re wondering what the best insurance plan would be for a trip to Greece, consider what the following insurance companies have to offer.

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Read on to find out everything you need to know about getting the right trip insurance when planning a trip to Greece.

Greece: Trip Insurance Companies For Travelers

Product Name Features Rating
  • Three coverage plans
  • Customizable benefits
  • Well-priced
AXA Assistance
  • Specific Schengen travel insurance
  • Meets Schengen visa requirements
  • Low-cost options
Travelex Insurance Services
  • Premium and budget plans
  • Coverage for adventure sports
  • Optional kids coverage

Trip Insurance Companies For Greece Travelers Reviewed

CoverCloud – Best Overall

CoverCloudCoverCloud offers some of the lowest prices for comprehensive travel insurance. This insurance company gives you the choice of three coverage plans, which simplifies your decision-making process when thinking about what coverage you need when vacationing in Greece.

The three coverage levels are:

  • Bronze: A standard plan with medical, cancellation, and curtailment as well as personal liability and accident coverage.
  • Silver: All coverage stipulated in the Bronze plan plus missed flights, delays in travel, your personal effects, legal expenses, and hospital benefits.
  • Gold: A premium plan with the top coverage across all aspects included in the policy as well as the lowest excess costs.

CoverCloud offers trip insurance for families, couples, groups, and individuals while also offering both annual multiple-travel and single trip insurance coverage.


  • Customizable options for gadget and hazardous sports coverage
  • Enhanced cruise extension coverage available
  • Three levels of coverage to suit all budget requirements


  • Coverage only available to permanent residents in the UK, Channel Islands, or BFPO
  • Maximum age for trip coverage is 90 years old

For cheap holiday insurance to Greece, travelers have the option of picking the most cost-effective plan for sufficient coverage while vacationing in this country.

AXA Assistance – Best for Schengen Visa Requirements

AXA AssistanceAXA Assistance, which falls under the AXA Group, offers medical assistance for travelers as well as other trip coverage. What’s more, AXA Assistance has a specific trip insurance policy covering all Schengen countries, which is ideal for travelers to Greece.

It’s not mandatory to have travel insurance when visiting Greece without a visa. However, a basic travel insurance policy that includes medical coverage is always a good idea when traveling in a foregin country. This is essential if your health insurance doesn’t cover international travel medical expenses.

The insurance company’s low cost option helps you to secure your Schengen visa if it’s a pre-requirement for you and your traveling companions. Their Schengen travel insurance also gives you extended protection, 24-hour assistance, certain COVID coverage, and repatriation. A multiple annual trip plan is also available for regular travelers.


  • Coverage in all 26 countries under the Schengen zone
  • Accredited insurance provider for obtaining Schengen visa
  • Extensive network for customers requiring accessible assistance


  • Separate travel insurance will need to be taken out when traveling outside the Schengen zone
  • Travel insurance can only be purchased on the AXA website

AXA Assistance simplifies meeting all Greece travel insurance requirements with their Schengen travel insurance plans.

Travelex Insurance Services – Best Budget-friendly Plan

Travelex Insurance ServicesTravelex Insurance Services give you three basic plans plus the option to upgrade. These customizable upgrades mean you can optimize on the premium plan, giving you peace of mind while traveling internationally. Travel insurance is available for families, individuals, and the adventurer.

For travelers to Greece, the best plans to consider are Travelex’s Travel Select and Travel Basic. The main features of these plans include:

  • Travel Select: Comprehensive coverage such as unexpected medical expenses, pre-existing medical condition, delayed or cancelled flights, medical evacuation, coverage for children under 17 years old, and primary coverage.
  • Travel Basic: Budget-friendly coverage for essentials such as medical emergencies, trip cancellation and interruption, and 24/7 travel assistance.

An additional flight protection coverage can be added to your travel insurance plan when you take out the Flight Insurance options. The company offers a wide range of benefits including tailoring your plan to fit your specific trip requirements.


  • Coverage available for international travelers
  • Both premium and budget plans available
  • Adventure sports upgrade available


  • No kids coverage on Travel Basic plan
  • Sporting equipment delay not covered on Travel Basic plan

With Travelex travel insurance plans, you can enjoy your trip to Greece while being rest assured that all your medical and other trip coverage needs will be met if necessary.

Buyers Guide – Trip Insurance For Greece Travelers

A common question asked by many travelers is, “How essential is it to have trip insurance for Greece?”  This depends on whether you’re traveling from a country that requires you to get a  Schengen visa or not. So, you may need to at least consider travel medical insurance for Greece visa requirements.

The Cost Of Travel Insurance To Greece

If your country falls under the list of countries not requiring a visa, you may still want to consider getting some kind of trip coverage. This prevents you from having to fork out money for unexpected and expensive medical bills as well as other mishaps associated with traveling.

The cost of travel insurance to Greece will be affected by certain variables. This includes the group size, individual medical requirements, and the length of your visit in Greece.

Risk Factors To Consider For Trip Insurance To Greece

While Greece is mostly considered a safe country for travelers, precaution needs to be taken in certain areas. These include Central and Downtown Athens as well as other major cities such as Patra. Such risks associated with traveling in these areas may impact the type of travel insurance you want to consider.

Key Features When Picking Travel Insurance To Greece

When picking the right coverage while planning a trip to Greece consider the following key features:

  • Adequate medical coverage including those with pre-existing medical conditions
  • Emergency medical evacuation
  • Coverage for flight cancellation or delays
  • Customizable options for tailoring your travel insurance needs
  • Personal liability
  • Coverage for children traveling with you

Check out the benefits offered by your chosen travel insurance company and make sure they cover you for the most essential traveling needs as mentioned above.


By ensuring your travel insurance covers the basic requirements when traveling to Greece, you can have peace of mind that you’re well covered should there be an unfortunate mishap. Most travel insurance companies have a number of plans to select from, giving you the option to have premium coverage or simply the basics.

If you need to get a Schengen visa, know that some insurance companies can assist you with the logistics. Ensure you’re properly covered by contacting one of the insurance companies on our list when planning your next trip to Greece.