Progressive Pet Insurance Reviews – Is Progressive Insurance Good?

One of the largest insurance companies in the United States, Progressive has been selling car insurance since 1937. In 2007, this company partnered with Pets Best and started offering its customers Progressive Pet Insurance policies for cats and dogs.

All Progressive’s pet policies go through Pets Best and offer a range of different coverage options to its customers at competitive prices. Their personalized insurance plans have a shorter waiting period compared to the competition and their extensive coverage includes illnesses and accidents.

In this article, we take a look at Progressive Pet Insurance reviews, different insurance plans, coverage options, and more. Keep on reading to find out what Progressive has to offer and how to pick the best insurance policy for your pet.

Pros & Cons Of Progressive Pet Insurance

While Progressive is a well-known and trusted company, there is no such thing as a perfect insurance policy. So, before you decide to purchase coverage for your pet, take a look at the pros and cons of Progressive Pet Insurance.


  • Different policy options
  • Extensive coverage plan
  • Several discount option
  • No upper age limit for pets


  • No policies for exotic pets
  • Few options for annual limits

Types Of Insurance Offered

Progressive has been selling auto and home insurance for many years and has started offering comprehensive pet insurance policies through its partnership with Pets Best. Essentially, all Progressive Pet Insurance policies are going through Pets Best and are underwritten by American Pet Insurance Company.

Keeping in mind the needs of its customers, Progressive offers extensive insurance policies for cats and dogs but doesn’t offer coverage for exotic pets. Unlike many other companies, Progressive offers policies that cover hereditary and congenital conditions, such a kidney disease, hip dysplasia, or glaucoma.

Progressive Pet Insurance’s waiting period for accidents is only three days, while most other companies require a 15-day wait before the insurance is available. Although you’ll need to wait 14 days for illness coverage, that is still less than waiting three weeks for Petplan Insurance to kick in. 

When it comes to pet insurance policies, Progressive offers:

  • Accident-Only Plan: Covers the cost of emergency care resulting from an unexpected accident
  • BestBenefit Accident and Illness Plan: Provides extensive coverage for all types of injuries or illnesses
  • Wellness Plan: Available as a stand-alone policy or an add-on to the other two plans, it covers expenses for preventative care treatments

How To Get A Quote For Progressive Pet Insurance?

Like all other insurance companies, Progressive can give you an estimate of what your monthly premium would be if you decide to buy an insurance policy for your pet. The great thing about Progressive is that many of their policies come with a flat monthly rate that isn’t affected by your pet’s age.

To get a quote for your pet’s monthly rate, just visit Progressive’s website and fill out the online quotation form. The whole process is fairly straightforward and won’t take more than a few minutes.

What Does Progressive Pet Insurance Company Cover?

Keeping in mind the unique needs of pet parents, Progressive offers three pet insurance policies with different levels of coverage. The great thing about this company is that it doesn’t have an upper age limit for pets, so you can get any Progressive dog insurance plan even if you have a senior pooch.

However, the coverage won’t apply to any pre-existing medical conditions, so you might end up paying vet bills for a geriatric pet.

Progressive Pet Insurance offers three policies with different coverage options:

Accident-Only Plan

This plan is designed for pet parents with a tight budget and offers coverage only for medical expenses resulting from an accident. Accident-only insurance will cover the cost of treating:

  • Broken legs or bones
  • Bite and claw wounds from other animals
  • Lacerations
  • Accidental swallowing of foreign objects

BestBenefit Accident & Illness Plan

This plan provides the most comprehensive coverage for all types of accidents and illnesses. Within this policy, you also get coverage for congenital and hereditary health problems but only if they aren’t excluded from the policy as pre-existing medical conditions.

Services covered by the BestBenefit Accident & Illness plan include:

  • Diagnostic tests, including MRI, CT scans, and X-rays
  • Surgery
  • Hospitalization
  • Emergency care
  • Specialist care
  • Alternative care
  • Behavioral therapy
  • Prescription meds (excluding prescription food)
  • Exam fees

Note, the BestBenefit Plan offers three different levels of coverage, including Essential, Plus, and Elite. The biggest difference between these plans is the procedures they cover and the annual coverage limit. The Essential Plan has a $5,000 limit and offers basic coverage, the Plus Plan is more comprehensive and has a $10,000 limit, and the Elite Plan is the most extensive and has an unlimited annual claims limit. 

Wellness Plan

Progressive’s routine care policy is available as a stand-alone policy or an add-on to one of the other insurance plans. This insurance policy offers coverage for preventative treatments such as:

  • Annual wellness check-ups
  • Vaccinations
  • Flea, tick, and heartworm preventative treatment
  • Dental cleanings
  • Blood work

How Much Is Progressive Pet Insurance?

Compared to other pet insurance companies, Progressive offers competitive rates and extensive coverage to their customers. The Accident-Only Plan is $6 per month for a cat and $9 per month for a dog, but it covers only expenses resulting from an unexpected accident.

On the other hand, premiums for Progressive’s highest level Elite Plan with unlimited annual claims limit start at $49 per month for cats and $59 per month for dogs. With Progressive pet insurance, you have a chance to customize some plans, pick deductibles and reimbursement, and limit rates to suit your needs.

Ultimately, how much Progressive pet insurance is going to cost will depend on your pet’s age, breed, gender, and the area you are living in. If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, read our Pet Assure review to get more details about their discount plan.

Customer Service & Satisfaction

As mentioned above, Progressive teamed up with Pets Best to offer pet insurance, so all insurance claims are settled by Pets Best. This company has great customer service and can be contacted via phone, mail, email, fax, and mobile app. With your Progressive policy, you’ll get 24-hour access to veterinary experts who will answer all health-related questions you have regarding your pet.

While doing your research, you might come across Progressive Pet Insurance reviews online stating that this company didn’t want to reimburse claims. However, upon further research, you’ll see that most of these complaints were about pre-existing conditions, which were excluded from the insurance policy from the start.

Things To Consider When Purchasing Pet Insurance

Although pet insurance is a great way to cover the rising cost of veterinary services, paying a monthly premium can take a toll on your budget. So, before you decide to purchase insurance, consider the following:

  • Check what type of insurance the company offers – accident-only or extensive illness and accident plan – to get the most value for your money.
  • Always check to see if the policy comes with an unlimited annual claims payout or if there is a set maximum claims amount.
  • If there is a chance your pet will develop hereditary conditions, look for policies that cover curable pre-existing conditions.
  • Before purchasing a premium, don’t be afraid to research different pet insurance companies and compare prices and coverage plans.

What Makes Progressive Different From Competition?

Features that make Progressive Pet Insurance stand out from the competition are:

  • Shorter waiting periods for both accident-only and illness and accident plans
  • Offers a 5% multi-pet, military, and bundled policies discount
  • Comprehensive insurance policies at competitive rates
  • No upper age limits for pets

Final Thoughts

Overall, Progressive is a good choice if you are looking for exceptional insurance coverage at a reasonable price. The accident-only plan can keep your mind at ease regarding unexpected vet bills and ensure your pet is covered in the case of an emergency.

Don’t hesitate to check more Progressive Pet Insurance reviews online or to reach out to the company with any questions.

Progressive Insurance FAQs

How Good Is Progressive Pet Insurance?

Progressive offers a variety of different insurance policies to pet owners at lower prices than most competitors. The company offers extensive coverage for accident- and illness-related costs and even has an optional Wellness Care Plan.

Does Progressive Offer Pet Insurance?

Progressive offers health insurance policies for cats and dogs, with no upper age limits. The company has three insurance plans, including Accidents-Only, Accidents & Illness, and a Wellness Care Plan for cats and dogs of any breed. However, Progressive doesn’t offer insurance for exotic pets.

Is There Anything That Progressive Doesn’t Cover?

Like most pet insurance companies, Progressive doesn’t cover pre-existing conditions or elective surgeries such as tail docking or ear cropping. Furthermore, this company won’t pay off any claims that resulted from negligence or abuse of the animal.