Pet Assure Reviews – How To Save On Vet Bills?

pet assure reviews

pet assure reviewsPet Assure isn’t a traditional pet health insurance, but a veterinary discount program. Founded in 1995, the Pet Assure membership program is available across all 50 states and is a great pet insurance alternative.

The Pet Assure plan is pretty straightforward and, instead of paying monthly premiums for traditional pet insurance, you’ll only need to pay a membership fee. Once you are in the program, you’ll receive a 25% discount on all vet bills from participating vets.

In this article, we’ll take a look at Pet Assure reviews, tell you exactly how this program works, what it covers, and help you decide if it’s something you might want to try. Continue reading to find out if Pet Assure is a good alternative to traditional pet insurance.

The most important thing to remember about Pet Assure is that it’s not like traditional pet insurance policies. But, if you are searching for a reliable pet insurance alternative, the Pet Assure program might be just the thing you are looking for.

Here are the pros and cons of using Pet Assure insurance:


  • Pet Assure covers 25% off ALL vet bills
  • There are no deductibles
  • There is no age limit
  • Pre-existing conditions aren’t excluded
  • The discount starts as soon as you enroll in the program


  • The discount applies only for vets that participate in the Pet Assure program
  • Some areas don’t have many vets in Pet Assure program
  • Lab test done outside your vet’s office won’t be covered

Types Of Insurance Offered

Pet Assure insurance offers coverage for all services done by vets that are members of the Pet Assure veterinary network. Since Pet Assure is in fact a discount program, there are no forms to fill like with regular pet insurance, and the coverage starts as soon as you sign up for the program.

The Pet Assure discount program offers health insurance to all types of pets, from cats and dogs to iguanas and pot-bellied pigs. The biggest difference between Assure Pet insurance and traditional pet insurance plans like PetPremium Insurance is that the discount applies even to pre-existing and hereditary conditions, which are often very expensive to treat.

Keeping in mind the needs of pet parents, Pet Assure offers the following discount plans:

Single Cat Plan (Small Animal)

The monthly fee for a single cat or any other smaller animals such as a parrot, rodent, or reptile is $8.45. But if you pay annually, the cost is $67.15 for a whole year.

Single Dog Plan (Large Animal)

Currently, the monthly cost for a single dog is $10.15 for a month or $84.15 for a whole year. This coverage plan can also be used to cover vet expenses for larger farm animals like pot-bellied pigs.

Family Plan

If you have two to four pets of any size, the family plan will cost you $16.95 when billed monthly or $149.00 for a whole year.

Unlimited Plan

If you have more than four pets, the unlimited plan might just be the best way you can save money on vet bills. The cost of a monthly fee for every pet in your household is $21.95 or $149.00 when billed for a whole year.

How To Get A Quote For Pet Assure Dog Insurance?

Since Pet Assure is a really straightforward discount program, there are no quotes for insurance premiums and complex math calculations. Instead of getting a quote from an insurance company for a monthly premium, you’ll only need to pay a membership fee for discounted veterinary services.

What Does Pet Assure Insurance Company Cover?

Remember, Pet Assure isn’t like traditional pet insurance, so you won’t have to submit insurance claims and wait for a company to reimburse your pet’s vet bill. Instead, you’ll need to pick a plan for your pet, enroll in the program, and get a reduced bill at any participating veterinarian.

With Pet Assure you’ll get a 25% discount to all covered procedures. For example, if you need to pay $7,000 for a double hip replacement surgery for your dog, you can save $1,750 with the Pet Assure discount. While you’ll still spend a lot of money for the surgery, chances are your regular pet insurance wouldn’t even want to cover the expenses if your dog had pre-existing hip problems.

Pet Assure covers everything done by a participant vet, including:

  • Examinations
  • Spay and neuter surgeries
  • Routine vaccination
  • Allergy treatment
  • Surgical procedures
  • Emergency care
  • Injury care
  • Cancer care and tumor removal
  • Dental cleanings and exams
  • X-rays done in the office

Note, anything that’s done outside of your vet’s office won’t be covered by Pet Assure unless you find a specialist who is also a participating veterinarian. This discount plan doesn’t cover:

  • Grooming
  • Boarding
  • Prescription food
  • Lab tests done outside your vet’s office
  • Specialist exams with vets who aren’t in Pet Assure veterinary network
  • Prescription medication

How Much Does Pet Assure Plan Costs?

Pet Assure has four plan options, and the cost doesn’t depend on the age, breed, or health status of your pet. Instead, the cost depends on the type of pet you have, whether you want to pay monthly or annually, and the number of pets you own.

Based on your individual needs, you’ll spend between $8.45 to $21.95 per month for a Pet Assure plan, which is a lot less when compared to traditional insurance policies.

Customer Service & Satisfaction

Whenever you decide to buy a particular pet service or product, it’s a good idea to check reviews and see what other customers had to say. In general, most owners are pleased with Assure Pet customer service and their willingness to answer questions and point them to participating veterinarians in their area.

When it comes to the actual Pet Assure reviews, the general impression is that most owners are happy opting for a discount program rather than traditional pet insurance. On the other hand, owners most commonly complained that their regular vet isn’t in the Pet Assure program and that certain areas aren’t serviced by many in-house vets.

Things To Consider When Purchasing Pet Insurance

As stated above, Pet Assure isn’t traditional pet insurance so there are no deductibles to meet or forms to fill. However, while more convenient for many owners, there are certain things you’ll need to keep in mind to reap all the benefits this program has to offer.

Some of the things to consider include:

  • Search the list of participant vets before you start paying for the Assure Pet membership.
  • If you are worried that your pet is going to develop serious and expensive health problems in the future, a traditional pet insurance plan will offer better coverage in the long-run.
  • Since there are no age limits, this discount program can help ensure that a senior pet gets medical care it needs.
  • Most traditional pet insurances don’t have coverage plans for exotic pets, but with Pet Assure you can visit a participating vet and save 25% on the checkout.

Is Pet Assure Worth It?

Whether or not Pet Assure insurance will be a good option depends on how much money you spend on vet visits annually. Even if your pet is generally healthy and goes only for routine vet checkups, then Pet Assure is worth it.

The Pet Assure discount program is also a great option for pets with pre-existing medical conditions that won’t be covered by a traditional pet insurance policy. However, paying a premium for Petplan pet insurance will end up much cheaper if your pet ends up needing a costly emergency procedure.

In the end, you’ll need to do some math and compare the cost of insurance with the amount you think you’ll spend on vet bills. The option that gives you peace of mind without emptying your wallet will be the most worth it for you and your pet.

What Makes Pet Assure Different From Competitors?

Features that set Pet Assure apart from the competition are:

  • It’s a discount program, not a traditional insurance
  • There are no upper age limits for pets
  • Offers discount plans for exotic pets
  • Can be combined with traditional insurance policy for additional savings
  • No need to fill out paperwork or claims

Final Thoughts

If you have trouble taking out a policy on an older pet or can’t find an insurance company that covers pre-existing health problems, Pet Assure might be the right company for you. Before you make a decision, read Pet Assure reviews online and check their website to see if there are any participant vets in your area.

Pet Assure FAQs

How Do Pet Assure Veterinarians Work?

Veterinarians that are a part of the Pet Assure veterinary network offer a 25% discount on all of your pet’s bills. All pets that are enrolled in the program are covered regardless of their age or pre-existing conditions, and you won’t have to fill any forms or claims.

Can You Combine Pet Insurance And A Pet Discount Plan?

Yes, you can combine pet insurance with a discount plan like Pet Assure. This way you can still get a discount and save money on medical expenses such as dental care or pre-existing conditions that your pet insurance won’t cover.

How Do I Cancel My Pet Assure?

You can cancel your Pet Assure plan at any time or ask for a refund within 45 days of the day you enrolled in the program. To cancel your membership, contact Pet Assure via phone or send an email.