How To Change Car Insurance: What To Do

how to switch car insurance

how to switch car insuranceChanging a car insurance policy is not an uncommon thing to do. But, if this is your first time doing it, you might be a little confused. Learn how to switch your car insurance in the most straightforward way, without having to worry about anything, by reading this article!

This guide will help you understand how easy it is to apply for a new car insurance policy, explaining every step along the way.

Once you’re entirely sure that you want to opt for a new carrier, you need to research other potential insurers and find the best one for your needs.

Canceling your policy with the old carrier is another step that you must not forget.

Finally, you’ll be ready to activate the new car insurance and enjoy all its benefits.

How To Change Car Insurance

Here are the most critical steps you need to go through when you want to get new car insurance with a new provider.

When Is The Best Time?

Although you can part ways with your current car insurance company whenever you want, certain times are better than others. These are the best moments you can align with the choice of a new auto insurance carrier.

  • You’re getting married. If you’re getting married, your insurance rate will probably become lower, so that’s why it’s a good time for a change.
  • You’re moving to a new city or town. Moving out of your current zip code means that you might be able to combine various forms of insurance, especially if you purchased a new home.
  • You’re adding a driver or a vehicle. When you add a car or another driver to your policy, you should consider a brand new one. These combined policies might come with discounts, and you’ll end up enjoying more significant benefits for a better price.

By comparison, one of the worst times to consider switching car insurance is when the expiration date is not coming up soon. This means that you might need to deal with fees and penalties because you ended the policy before the renewal date.

Another time to avoid switching car insurance is right after you’ve filed a claim. No one wants to deal with two insurance companies at the same time. It can be time-consuming and cost you more.

Research New Companies

You can’t really decide on a new insurance company without doing in-depth research. These days, there are so many options, plans, and policies to choose from. You have to be 100% sure that the new carrier is suitable for you.

The company that offers the lowest quotes can also have the worst customer service or a bad reputation.

Ask around for personal experiences. Talk to your family members and friends who are happy with their car insurance providers. Write down their recommendations, then check those company websites to see if their prices, limits, and coverages are suitable for you.

Check reviews from other customers online. This might not be the best source, but it will give you a general idea about their customers. If there are numerous complaints, you shouldn’t even think about giving your money to that company.

Compare Quotes

Comparing the insurance premiums of different companies will help you decide. Check all the discounts you can get, especially for bundled deals. Get familiar with the benefits that different insurers offer and whether they’re worth the money.

Several factors can influence the final price, including deductibles, coverage levels, vehicle characteristics, where you’ll keep the vehicle(s), your driving history, the number of cars and drivers that will be a part of the plan, and more.

For example, if you want a full coverage for your car that also includes theft, you might need to pay more, but you’ll get a higher level of protection.

Cancel Your Current Policy

If you’ve decided which is the best car insurance company for you, you need to contact your current insurer. This means you have to let them know that you want to cancel your policy.

The best time you want your old policy to stop being active is on the day that it needs to be renewed. That’s how you’ll avoid paying fees that might apply if you cancel early.

If you’re not sure about the exact expiration date of your car insurance plan, you should call your provider and find out. In most cases, companies send a reminder one or two weeks before the renewal, so this won’t come up as a surprise.

To cancel the policy, you need to call an agent with your insurer or cancel it online if that’s an option. When talking to the agent, they’ll ask you for your policy number and your first and last name. Also, state the date when you want the policy to stop being active.

This is a date that you have to remember in order to set it as the starting date for your new policy.

Activate Your New Policy

The best time to activate a new car insurance policy is on the day when your old policy will expire. Once you’ve decided on an insurer, get in touch with them or visit their website. You can easily choose a policy online, research the limits and prices, and create a plan that works for you.

You can also activate the new plan a few days before your old one ends so that you’re 100% covered.


Can You Change Your Car Insurance Policy At Any Time?

You can opt for a new car insurance provider at any time. You don’t have to wait for your current policy to expire before you choose a new one with a new insurance company.

There might be fees or charges that you’ll have to pay if you switch the auto insurance policy before it’s up for renewal. Most major insurance companies won’t charge you anything, but you need to check the details of your policy or talk to an agent from your old carrier to be sure.

In most cases, it will be worth it to cover the fees and apply for a brand new policy. Get informed on whether any penalties exist and how high they are before deciding.

Can You Change Your Insurer If You Have An Open Claim?

Changing car insurance is an option even if you have an open claim. You won’t have to pay a fee for the open claim.

It will still be handled by your old carrier, even after your new policy with the new carrier becomes active. The old insurer will pay you if that’s the final result of the claim.


If you weren’t sure how to switch car insurance companies, this guide covers pretty much all you need to know. Once you’ve decided to take your money and auto insurance business elsewhere, you have to start researching.

The first and significant step is to discover when the best time is to leave your current insurer. Once you’ve figured that out, compare and research potential new  insurance companies.

Finally, let your old insurer know that you want to cancel the policy, state the date, and you’re ready to activate your new plan with a brand new insurer.

  • Switching from one car insurance company to another is something you can do whenever you want to.
  • The process is straightforward, but you still need to research when the best time is to do it, which company to opt for, and compare their rates, plans, and reputation.
  • Once you’ve found the best company for you, contact your current carrier to cancel your policy and activate the new one with the new insurer.