Farmers Insurance Reviews

Farmers Insurance Reviews

Farmers Insurance Reviews

With over 19 million individual policies across the United States covered by Farmers Insurance, this company knows what they’re doing. Since 1928, they’ve worked on the principle of delivering peace of mind to their customers with innovative insurance. Are you in the market for a wide range of insurance products, but personalized service is important to you?

Let’s discover what products make Farmers Insurance unique and how they rank with their customer service—two key features that make or break an insurance company. Who knows, perhaps they’ll turn out to be the insurance provider of your dreams or your nightmares! You’ll have to keep reading to find out.


  • Affordable and sufficient coverage
  • Personalized service
  • Easy-to-understand quotes
  • User-friendly website
  • Free, no-obligation online quotes
  • 3 out of 5 for customer service rating


  • Small network of employees could impact customer service reliability
  • Not always easy-to-understand online tool coverage details
  • Claim limits not indicated on the online tool
  • Does not cover all areas
  • Average rating for customer service

What Insurance Products Are Available With Farmers Insurance?

Keeping the needs of their customers in mind, Farmers Insurance focuses on the following products:

  • Auto insurance
  • Home insurance
  • Renters insurance
  • Landlord/rental properties insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Business insurance
  • Recreational insurance
  • Motorbike insurance
  • Umbrella insurance

They also offer pet insurance, although that is technically through Pet Best.

How To Get A Quote

Farmers Insurance pride themselves on providing a high level of customer service, courtesy of their friendly team of agents. They’re on hand to advise you on the best insurance coverage, whether it’s auto, home, or life insurance you’re seeking. However, as their network of employees is not large, you may battle to find one in your area.

But, if you prefer to use their online tool, you’ll get a fast quote in no time at all. It’s free with no obligation tied to it.

What Does Farmers Insurance Cover?

Let’s find out what cover you can expect from their products.

Auto Insurance

With a wide range of discounts offered on various coverage options, you can save on your car insurance. Whether it’s comprehensive coverage or collision coverage with medical payments thrown in, you’ll be able to customize your car insurance.

Risks covered can include:

  • Accidental. Accidents happen. While every driver does their best to avoid this happening, some days just don’t go as planned. Your covered losses could include liability insurance coverage for the other driver if they’re injured or their possessions are damaged.
  • Collision. This time, you slammed breaks to avoid the deer but skidded and collided with a tree instead! Damage to your car can be repaired or, if it’s a total write-off, you’ll be compensated for its total value.
  • Hailstorms. How many times have you been caught by surprise in a hailstorm? You couldn’t pull off this time and arrived home with a shattered windshield. Your comprehensive coverage has you sorted and, in a flash, your new windscreen is installed.
  • Uninsured drivers. Your car is hit by another driver. They’re not insured. Uninsured motorist coverage will protect you and help pay your medical bills when the other driver can’t.
  • Medical payments. Coverage for another driver using your car could mean they’re covered medically if an accident happens and they claim medical expenses from you.

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Home Insurance

Possibly your largest investment, your home should be protected against any unexpected eventuality. This product will have you covered whatever the disaster. What’s more, competitive rates will give you flexibility to choose the right coverage for your budget and needs.

Farmers Insurance offer three packages to suit different homeowners’ requirements:

  • Standard. This package is perfect for new homebuyers just starting out. It includes features at affordable prices.
  • Enhanced. This package is for homeowners looking for higher policy limits and extra features.
  • Premier. This package comes with the highest limits and coverage on personal belongings. It can include Guaranteed Replacement Cost coverage for your home if certain requirements are met.

Life Insurance

What’s the best coverage for you when looking for life insurance? Farmers whole life insurance reviews tell us you can rely on lifelong coverage, while other options give you different features.

Some of the life insurance types you can consider include:

  • Term Life insurance. This is the one to pick if you’re working with a tight budget. A level premium rate remains in place for a period of time, whether it’s 10, 20, or 30 years. Thereafter, the rate will increase. Coverage remains for as long as you pay the premiums.
  • Whole life insurance. This is permanent insurance covering you for a lifetime. Premiums remain level throughout the period as long as you pay your premiums regularly. A cash value normally accumulates.
  • Universal life insurance. While giving you permanent, lifelong coverage, you can control your premium rates. Flexible rates mean you can tailor your policy to factor in changing circumstances. It can also accumulate cash value.

Business Insurance

Every business owner is faced with responsibilities. Farmers Insurance agents can advise you on the best coverage type for your industry, whether big or small. Farmers Insurance reviews highlight customer satisfaction when talking about customizable commercial insurance policies.

Coverage can include properties, liabilities, crime, auto, and workers compensation. Additional umbrella coverage will supplement your policy. And offering life insurance to your employees shows you care. Loss control will give you on-the-job safety and efficiency.

Recreational Insurance

Do you enjoy an active outdoor lifestyle? Is your idea of an incredible holiday packing up the motorhome and taking a long road trip? Farmers Insurance can cover you, keeping you protected during emergencies and unwelcome surprises.

Recreational insurance includes coverage for the following:

  • Marine vehicles
  • Motorhomes
  • Travel trailers
  • Off-road vehicles
  • 5th-wheel trailers

Motorcycle Insurance

Do you commute to work every day with your motorcycle? Or are weekends spent riding the breeze? Taking to the open road may be your scene. Motorcyclists have unique needs, and Farmers Insurance recognizes this.

Risks ranging from dropping your bike, damage to your helmet, theft of your saddlebag, or a collision can all be covered. You’ll have a choice of three packages specifically designed for motorcycle riders.

Umbrella Insurance

You’ve got the auto insurance and the home insurance. But, when the nasty unexpected happens, you may end up facing a financial crisis. Personal umbrella coverage extends your existing policy limits at an affordable cost.

The extra protection can give you up to $1 million in coverage at less than $1 a day. Quite simply, an umbrella coverage gives you the extra liability protection you need when your policy can’t do it for you.

Is Farmers Insurance Affordable?

As with all insurance policies, cost depends on the type of coverage you’re taking out. What makes Farmers Insurance affordable, though, are the excellent discounts they offer. Let’s take a look at the different discounts:

  • Multi-vehicle discount
  • Good driver discount
  • Good student discount (great motivation for your teenage and young adult children!)
  • Discounts for certain security features on your automobile
  • Electronic payment discounts
  • Homeowners’ discount
  • 5% discount when using their Signal smartphone app
  • No-claim surcharge waivers
  • Discounts if impact-resistant roofing is installed on your house
  • Extra home security feature discounts on your homeowners insurance
  • Non-smoking discount (what better reason for giving up smoking?)

With these and more discounts and perks to consider, you could save on your insurance policies. After all, every penny counts!

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Customer Service And Satisfaction

Leading market researchers have found Farmers Insurance customer satisfaction and service to be above average, with most ratings coming in at 3 out of 5. These were based on real customer reviews and financial strength indicators. Depending on your point of view, this could be seen as a pro or a con!

Our Tips When Choosing An Insurance Company

Do your research. Speak to friends, neighbors, and family. Find out what insurance coverage they have and how they went about finding it. Use reviews like this one to highlight main features of products offered.

It’s a personal choice, but if you prefer speaking to a human, Farmers Insurance offers personalized service with their agents. They’ll be able to answer any of your questions and give you advice. Or, you could simply use the Farmers Insurance’s online quote facility. This gives you the opportunity to view costs without any obligation.

Farmers Insurance auto insurance reviews indicate you’ll have a variety of coverages and packages to choose from. If it’s home insurance you’re after, review what is included in the standard insurance policy before discussing additional options.

Online Farmers Insurance home insurance reviews mention how you can save with their discounts while still getting the best coverage. It’s the features that make one brand stand out in a market full of insurance companies.

What Makes It Different From Competitors?

Key features makes Farmers Insurance stand out from the crowd. These include:

  • Competitive rates with discounts included
  • Beneficial programs to encourage safe driving
  • Top-line rates for longtime clients
  • Good customer service
  • Special coverage for collectible cars
  • Covers more than 10 million households across the country


How Does Farmers Insurance Use Insurance Risk Indicators? Does It Impact The Price Of My Policy?

Farmers Insurance uses the Risk Assessment Indicator tool to gauge your insurance risk. Based on their findings, they’ll help you customize the right insurance coverage for you. You can rest assured your coverage will not be compromised and your budget will be considered.

How Do I Submit A Fire Claim With Farmers Insurance?

In the event of wildfires, catastrophe claims representatives will be sent to your area. You may submit your claim in person at various sites if they’ve been set up to assist with particular wildfire events. You can also submit using the mobile app, contacting an agent or calling their 24-hour claims center.

Farmers insurance claims reviews by customers reflect general satisfaction with how their claims are being handled.

Does Farmers Insurance Have Good Roadside Assistance Coverage?

They have their own roadside assistance covering breakdowns, locksmith services, towing, and fuel delivery services. It can be added to your existing auto insurance policy, giving you peace of mind when your car gives you hassles.

Final Thoughts

With the market being inundated with insurance companies, finding the best one can be intimidating. Don’t hesitate to read some of the Farmers car insurance reviews as well as their other products online. This way, you’ll easily find a package to suit your budget and needs.

By navigating their user-friendly website, you’ll find the right service for you too. Whether it’s online or personalized contact with an agent, Farmers Insurance can help you.