Best Esurance Insurance Review

Esurance Insurance reviews

Esurance Insurance reviews

If there’s one thing Esurance Insurance reviews can agree on, it‘s that the company prioritizes customer convenience!

Thanks to its easy-to-navigate platforms with intuitive controls, Esurance Insurance is the company set to take the hassle of insurance. Esurance is an online insurance company that uses state-of-the-art technology to provide its customers with a seamless user experience across both online and mobile platforms.

It’s the first insurance company on the market to bring a variety of insurance services online. Car insurance, quotes, coverage advice, and video claim services are just a few examples of what the company has introduced to a pool of online customers.

Esurance was purchased in 2011 by Allstate, making it a subsidiary of one of the best insurance companies on the market. Together with Allstate, Esurance has managed to retain almost 10% of the entire car insurance market in the U.S.

But outside of its association with Allstate, does the company deserve the best insurance title on its own? Read on to find out.


  • Impressive customer satisfaction ratings for auto insurance shopping
  • User-friendly website
  • Impressive mobile app
  • Offers coverage for fire and vandalism
  • Solid financial strength since it’s backed by financially stable Allstate
  • Free online quotes
  • Offers discounts for bundling policies
  • Low claim denial rate


  • A high number of complaints regarding home insurance claims
  • Prices higher when compared with competitors

What Types Of Insurance Does Esurance Offer?

Esurance offers a wide range of insurance policies including auto, home, renters, and motorcycle insurance. We’ll discuss each policy briefly below.

Auto Insurance

Esurance Insurance offers standard auto insurance policies to protect you against collisions, bodily injury, and damage to your vehicle. Over and above these standard policies, Esurance offers optional coverage options such as:

  • Emergency Roadside Assistance. If you ever find yourself stranded on the side of the road, Esurance will come to your assistance. The company will contribute up to $75 toward your towing fee. Tire changing services and lockouts are also covered under this policy. How do you call for help when faced with such scenarios? Simply make use of its revolutionary mobile app. The only drawback to using such services is that, according to Esurance, they count as insurance claims.
  • Gap coverage. Esurance also offers policyholders gap insurance. What is gap insurance? It’s insurance that covers your vehicle if you happen to lend your car to a friend and it gets damaged. Esurance will contribute 25% of the insurance claim.
  • CarMatch rental coverage. if your car is stolen or damaged, Esurance will cover the full cost of a rental car. But the cost is comparable to your actual car. Just know that this policy isn’t available in all states, so make sure you find out if it’s available where you live.

Along with these impressive auto insurance policies, Esurance also offers discounts in cases involving insuring multiple cars, if you avoid traffic violations, and if you pay your premium up front and in full, among other scenarios. To get discounts for practicing responsible driving, simply download the company’s DriveSense app, which records your driving behavior such as your speed and hard braking.

Motorcycle Insurance

Esurance offers motorcycle insurance if you’re in the U.S, Canada, or Mexico. Even so, you need to confirm if your desired motorcycle policy is offered in your state of residence.

With this type of insurance, riders are covered with the following policies:

  • Bodily injury liability insurance if you’re injured in the event of a collision
  • Property damage liability insurance if you damage someone’s property in a collision

Aside from these standard motorcycle insurance policies, Esurance offers additional coverage for collision with uninsured motorists, medical payments, and trip interruptions. Yes, the company will compensate you if your motorcycle breaks down before you reach your intended destination! We’re not going to beat around the bush: That is awesome and speaks to a customer-centric culture we’re living for!

Home Insurance

Homeowners can also benefit from the company’s various home insurance policies. The company offers home insurance to 32 states in the U.S. In case a specific policy isn’t available in your state of residence, Esurance helps you obtain it via one of its many partners.

The company offers optional home insurance policies such as the following:

  • Identity theft coverage: Are you a victim of identity theft? Esurance pays up to $10,000 to clear your name. And you pay only $3 a month for this policy.
  • Daycare coverage: Do you run a home daycare? Esurance covers you if accidents happen while running your daycare and you are responsible to pay.
  • Claims forgiveness: Esurance won’t raise your premium after the first claim.
  • Fair rental income: If space you normally rent out is left inhabitable after a claim, Esurance reimburses your lost income.

Aside from these impressive policies, Esurance also offers home insurance discounts if you’re a new customer, don’t smoke, don’t file a claim for a year, or if you renew your policy. Note that this list isn’t exhaustive—think of it as a taste of where you can save.

How To Get An Esurance Quote

To get an Esurance quote, you can either call the number provided on the company website or make a request online. You have the option to make use of the Coverage Counselor tool, which helps you find the best possible coverage for your needs and budget.

What Does Esurance Insurance Company Cover?

Aside from the standard insurance policies, Esurance Insurance offers the following:

  • All-terrain vehicles insurance
  • Boat insurance
  • Condo insurance
  • Renters insurance
  • Snowmobile insurance
  • Pet health insurance
  • Flood insurance
  • Cellphone insurance

How Much Do Esurance Policies Cost?

Generally, Esurance charges higher rates compared to their competitors. How much you pay will depend on the type of policy you pick and other factors such as your age and gender. For example, with auto insurance, an 81-year-old female driver can expect to pay $3,800 per year, while an 18-year-old female driver may pay over $8,000. The amount of home insurance you pay will depend on your location, home details, and coverage level.

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Customer Service & Satisfaction

Esurance ratings and reviews have awarded the company a 4 out of 5 rating for overall customer satisfaction. Eighty-five percent of customers said they’d recommend Esurance to a friend. Ninety percent are happy to renew their policies with Esurance. These aren’t rookie numbers by any means.

The company received an A+ financial strength rating and a 4.25 out of 5 rating for fast claims processing. Esurance’s customer service, mobile apps, and general value for money also landed the company an impressive 4 out of 5 rating.

Reviews of Esurance auto insurance have revealed that the company is one of the best car insurance companies on the market. Esurance has earned itself a 4.5 out of 5 rating for overall performance in auto insurance.

The rating came about after factors such as pricing, discounts offered, and ease of filing of claims was evaluated. Based on several Esurance reviews, the company has found favor with the tech community, who appreciate how quick and easy it is to file a claim with the company online.

Mini Buying Guide

To choose the best possible insurance company for your needs and get more value from your insurance policy, pay attention to the following to the company’s:

  • Reputation: Is the company’s reputation favorable or not? Take your cue from what online reviews say about the company.
  • Years of experience: Has it been around for years, or is it a fly-by-night company?
  • Financial strength: Does the company have the financial backing to honor your claims?
  • Leadership: Is the company led by qualified and professional leaders?

What Differentiates Esurance From Its Competitors?

What differentiates Esurance from its competitors is that it offers two policies that are unique to the firm. These are:

  • Water back-up coverage: If your drain happens to act up, overflow, and cause damage, Esurance will pay you anything from $5,000 to $25,000 depending on the issue as well as the state you’re in.
  • Fire department charges: If your building catches fire and you call in the fire department, Esurance covers the cost.

Other than these two policies, Esurance differs from its competitors with regard to service delivery platforms. As mentioned, they only use digital interfaces to sell their products. This is something you might not appreciate if you prefer human interaction for such transactions.

Esurance Insurance Reviews FAQs

Does Esurance Offer Life Insurance?

Esurance does offer direct quotes for life insurance online. However, the company doesn’t directly underwrite any life insurance policy. Rather, the policies are made available to you through one of their partners, Efinancial.

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Is Esurance Good Car Insurance?

Given the overall 4.5 stars out 5 auto insurance rating, we’d say yes.

Does Esurance Offer Pet Health Insurance?

Yes, Esurance Insurance offers pet health insurance through its partner, Petplain.

Final Words

The facts are in. What are your thoughts? In your opinion, how is Esurance car insurance? It’s fair to assume the company is one of the best auto insurance companies on the market.

What about with regards to home insurance? Not so much. While it offers unique home insurance policies, there are several complaints lodged with the National Association of Insurance Commission regarding how the company handles its home insurance policies.

In a nutshell, if you love handling your insurance policies strictly online, go ahead with Esurance. If you prefer face-to-face interactions, perhaps not! Ultimately, the decision is yours.