Dog Dental Care Insurance: Why Is It Important?

dog dental health

dog dental health

Dog dental health insurance is one of the best investments you can make. This insurance isn’t a separate entity, but it is part of pet insurance. It’s essential to know whether it’s included in your plan and why it’s important to have it.

As a dog owner, your goal is to ensure your furry friend has the best possible life and to prevent any health issues that can happen. Most owners forget to pay attention to oral hygiene and are shocked to see the high prices of dental procedures for dogs.

If you want to save money and provide the best possible dental and overall health care for your dog, it’s a good idea to get educated on dental coverage as a part of your pet insurance plan. Below, you’ll learn more about what it includes, excludes, and more tips about better oral care.

Signs Of Dental Diseases

Some of the most common signs of dental illnesses include:

  • Bad breath
  • Difficulty while chewing
  • Loose teeth
  • Broken teeth
  • Drooling
  • Refusing to eat

What Does Dental Care Insurance Include

Dental care for dogs is not separate insurance; it’s a part of pet insurance policies. Whether your pet insurance will cover dental procedures depends on the type of coverage and the plan you’ll choose.

Unfortunately, dental issues among dogs and cats are quite common, even among young pets. That’s why most insurance companies don’t include dental care as a part of their basic packages. You need to read the policy carefully to learn what’s included and what’s not.

Some pet insurance policies will include treatment for dental accidents, while others will include treatment for dental illnesses. Other policies include both.

Although most providers don’t add preventive care such as dental cleanings in their basic packages, they offer wellness plans that will reimburse you for cleanings.

Our favorite pet insurance companies that offer dental coverage are Lemonade, PetFirst, and Petplan.

Lemonade is one of the best pet insurance companies because of their low monthly rates. Another huge pro is that you can pay less with Lemonade insurance or get the cost completely covered if your dog’s teeth suffer during an accident or an injury. The Accident and Illness plan offers dental treatment for dental injuries during accidents and illnesses.

Petplan is another company that offers extensive coverage for all dental injuries and diseases.

PetFirst is one of the rare insurance companies that offer coverage for pet periodontal disease. They understand the importance of dental care and want to make their plan as extensive as possible. PetFirst doesn’t offer dental cleaning, but they cover the treatment for periodontal disease.

What’s Excluded From Dental Care Insurance

Pre-existing oral conditions are excluded from dental care insurance. Also, most companies don’t include dental cleaning, but some will make it a part of their Wellness and Routine care plans.

Other dog teeth health procedures and items that are usually excluded from pet insurance are toothbrushes, toothpaste, dental supplements, annual dental checkups, and chew toys.

Why Is Dog Dental Care Insurance Important?

  1. It’s important for your dog’s well-being. When you don’t have to pay a fortune for dental care, you’re more likely to do regular dental checkups and address injuries and diseases faster. Dental care means the prevention of infections, dental conditions, and diseases that can otherwise compromise your dog’s well-being. Did you know that dental conditions can also affect a dog’s heart, kidneys, liver, and lungs if not treated?
  2. It can save you money. If you include a dental care policy in your pet insurance plan, you can save thousands of dollars. These policies will cover dental injuries, accidents, and treatment. Although there are various plans and policies, all of them are less expensive than a dog dental treatment without pet insurance with dental care coverage.
  3. It can save your dog’s life. Dental diseases can be life-threatening. Since most people are aware of how expensive dog teeth care is, they avoid visiting a vet even when they know their pup is suffering from dental disease. Bacteria from disease can get to your dog’s bloodstream and endanger its life. If you have dental health insurance, you’ll feel more comfortable visiting the vet, especially if your coverage includes treatment for dental diseases.
  4. Emergency dental treatment is expensive. If you don’t do regular dental check-ups and don’t provide proper dental hygiene, your dog can end up with a dental disease. Periodontal disease is very prevalent among dogs, and it can lead to a wide range of complications. Each time you do an emergency vet visit, the veterinarian will charge you more compared to a scheduled, regular visit. If you don’t have dental care included in your plan, the costs will be significantly higher.
  5. Accidents can happen. Active dogs can easily get into accidents and break their teeth. Canines can also injure their teeth while chewing things they shouldn’t. These moments are when an insurance plan with dental coverage will save you from an expensive vet visit.

Tips For Best Dog Oral Care

1. Regular Check-Ups

Tips For Best Dog Oral Care

Visiting a vet for regular check-ups is important for the overall health of your furry friend. But, what most pet owners forget about is the importance of early diagnosis of dental issues. When you schedule your annual check-ups, remember to also schedule a dental check-up.

The sooner your vet recognizes oral conditions and illnesses, the faster they’ll be able to treat them. That’s how you’ll spare your dog from pain, discomfort, and lower your vet bills.

All of these visits will be much more affordable if you have great insurance. We’ll talk more about it in the next paragraph.

2. Get Good Insurance

This tip will not only help you preserve your dog’s dental health but will also save you money. Dental care treatments at the vet can be extremely expensive. If you find a great insurance company with an extensive coverage plan, you can enjoy these treatments without having to pay a fortune.

Although most pet parents don’t even think about dental procedures when looking at insurance plans, we’re here to remind you why dental care matters. Aside from preventing huge vet bills, extensive pet insurance will encourage you to do annual checkups and opt for preventative and wellness measures.

3. Great Dog Dental Hygiene

Did you know that you have to brush your dog’s teeth? Your vet will recommend a toothbrush and toothpaste that are specifically made for dogs and will educate you on how to brush their teeth.

Another way to promote good hygiene is with chew toys. Dogs find these toys very amusing and they can end up playing with them for hours. They are designed to promote gym health and prevent plaque buildup.

4. Diet

Your dog’s diet is important for the overall health, but it can significantly affect the condition of its teeth and gums. Talk to your vet to get recommendations of food types that are healthy for your dog and can prevent plaque buildup. Kibble, for example, can reduce plaque accumulation; just make sure to get advice from a professional.

If your dog has other health issues, you need to consult a vet and educate yourself on which ingredients and food types are suitable for their specific health conditions and oral health at the same time.


Is dental treatment included in pet insurance?

Whether dental treatment will be included in your pet insurance depends on the policy and the extent of coverage you’ll choose. Before deciding on a provider and a plan, ensure to go over the policy in detail to see what it includes and if there are any add-ons that include dental care.

In most cases, you’ll be able to either choose a plan with dental care for your dog. There are still some insurers that don’t provide this option; that’s why you can always turn to another company and build a plan that works best for your dog.


Not all pet insurance plans offer dental coverage, but you should pick one that does. Some companies offer dental treatment for accidents, others for dental illnesses, while some even include both in their dental coverage.

Dog dental insurance is important because it can lower your vet bills, improve your dog’s well-being, help you cover urgent dental vet visits, and cover dental treatment due to accidents or illness.

  • Dog dental insurance usually covers treatment for dental accidents or illnesses.
  • This insurance excludes pre-existing dental conditions.
  • To improve your dog’s oral health, you should pick the right insurance, brush its teeth, invest in chew toys, go to regular dental check-ups, and consult with your vet for good diet options.