AXA Assistance USA Travel Insurance Review

axa assistance usa travel insurance reviews

axa assistance usa travel insurance reviewsWhile there are few things more enjoyable than traveling, the fact is a lot of things can go wrong.

Your trip might get canceled. Your flight might be delayed, stranding you and causing you to miss a connecting flight. You might find yourself in an accident and unable to pay expensive local medical fees. Or you might lose your luggage and need to buy everything you need all over again. And those are only a few of the things that might happen.

That is why there is travel insurance to help protect us from the unexpected when we are far from home.

AXA Assistance USA  is one of the leading travel insurance providers in the United States It provides a range of different travel insurance plans to suit different budgets and needs.

But how good is AXA Assistance USA really, and should you be trusting them with your money and your safety while you are abroad?

We are going to answer this exact question in this comprehensive review.

Spoiler Alert! We think AXA Assistance USA is one of the best travel insurance providers on the market. They are affordable and offer great coverage and support. They should certainly be on your shortlist when choosing your travel insurance provider.

What Is AXA Assistance USA Travel Insurance

AXA has been offering travel insurance for fifty years and is one of the leaders in the industry. They are an international travel insurer operating across the United States, Europe, Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina.

AXA Assistance USA is the name for the travel insurance the big-name insurer offers in the United States.

For US customers, AXA Assistance USA offers comprehensive single-trip travel insurance at three different levels and has lots of add ons for additional services that you might need. This helps you only pay for what you need and keep costs down.

Unfortunately, the US branch of AXA doesn’t offer annual or multi-trip travel insurance, though AXA does offer this in other parts of the world.

One thing that makes AXA Assistance USA stand out is that in addition to travel insurance, they offer customers access to a concierge service before and during the trip. These are travel experts that can help with things such as pre-trip advice, translation, medical and legal referrals, cultural information, and theft resolution.

Read the complete review for all the details, but here are the highlights.


  • Mid-range costs with better than usual benefits
  • Flexible coverage levels
  • A variety of addons if you require additional services
  • “Cancel or Any Reason” coverage
  • 10-day no-questions-asked cancellation window
  • Easy online quote and application process
  • Strong response to COVID-19
  • Concierge service to assist travelers before and during travel


  • No annual or multi-trip travel insurance, which might be cheaper if you travel frequently
  • Benefits can take up to 30 days to payout

Types Of Insurance Offered

AXA Assistance USA only offers single trip insurance, and it offers policies on three levels, Silver, Gold, and Platinum, each providing greater levels of coverage.

All three plans include 100% trip cancellation protection, but they each have different maximum payout levels for other features. For example, on a Silver Plan, you can receive $100 per day for trip delay (up to $500) and $25,000 for medical expenses. On the Platinum Plan, you get $300 per day for trip delay (up to $1,250) and $250,000 for medical expenses.

Depending on where you are traveling, you may not be eligible for a Silver Plan. For example, traveling to Europe requires a Gold or Platinum plan.

Read: What to look for in travel insurance for an international trip.

All the plans have zero deductibles, so you don’t need to pay out anything before receiving your benefits.

How To Get A Quote

It is simple to get an online quote from AXA Assistance USA. You need to provide the age of all the travelers you want to be covered, the dates of your trip, and the overall cost of your trip, then AXA Assistance USA will provide you with SIlver, Gold, and Platinum Plan costs.

You can purchase the policy you want on AXA Assistance USA’s website with any major credit card or Paypal.

You are free to cancel your policy within 10 days, no questions asked. It is possible to cancel your policy after this time depending on the circumstances.

What Does AXA Assistance USA Cover

A standard Silver, Gold, or Platinum Plan covers the following travel services at varying levels.

  • Trip cancellation protection – Reimbursement for the non-refundable elements of your trip if it is canceled through no fault of yours, for a variety of reasons.
  • Trip interruption – Reimbursement costs if your trip is cut short.
  • Trip delay coverage – Help covering costs if you are stuck somewhere due to delayed flights.
  • Missed connection – A set sum to help you book a new flight if you miss a connection.
  • Accident and sickness medical expenses – Coverage for medical treatment required while abroad.
  • Emergency medical evacuation – Coverage for a medical situation that is serious enough to require evacuation to another location for treatment.
  • Non-medical emergency evacuation – Coverage if you need to be evacuated from the location for any non-medical reason.
  • Accidental death and dismemberment – Help covering end-of-life costs if you die abroad.
  • Baggage delay – A set amount to help you buy the required items if your baggage is delayed.
  • Baggage and personal effect – Help replacing items that are lost or stolen.

If your primary concern while traveling is specifically medical coverage, read Do I need travel insurance or international health insurance”.

If you invest in AXA Assistance USA’s Platinum Plan, you can purchase add-ons to cover sports equipment and even lost days of sport recreation, such as lost skiing days. You can also get optional insurance for rental car collisions.

On the Platinum Plan, you can also add  “Cancel for Any Reason” coverage, which will refund 75% of your trip costs if you have to cancel for any reason. There is similar additional coverage that protects you if you need to cancel on the basis of a pre-existing medical condition. These only require that the insurance premium is paid within 14 days of booking your trip.

Having these as extras is a great way to personalize your AXA Assistance USA plan and only pay for what you actually need.


AXA Assistance USA is mid-range when it comes to cost but offers higher levels of coverage compared to many of its competitors.

A family of four going on a 10-day trip worth $10,000 should expect to pay $350 for a Silver Plan, $400 for a Gold Plan, and $500 for a Platinum Plan.

Travelers under 18 are covered at no additional cost.

Customer Service & Satisfaction

AXA Assistance USA is one of the most reliable and trustworthy insurance providers on the market.

They have an A+ AM Best financial rating and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). You can see the full BBB review here.

On InsureMyTrip, a major marketplace for travel insurance, AXA Assistance USA has a 4.5-star rating based on 3,500 reviews. Reviewers agree that service was good and payouts were made, but this could sometimes take up to 30 days.

COVID-19 Coverage

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a lot of disruption to travel schedules, and travel insurance agencies have had to adapt. AXA Assistance USA is offering full refunds to those who want to cancel their protection. and allows policyholders to change the dates of their protection to anytime within 18 months of their initial travel dates.

AXA Assistance USA policies purchased before January 24, 2020, that were covered by standard plans are covered under the plan’s standard trip cancellation protection. Policies purchased after this date due to COVID-19 are not covered unless the policyholder has “Cancel for Any Reason” coverage.

Comparison With Other Providers

The table below compares AXA Assistance USA’s Gold Plan costs for a $10,000 trip with four of its competitors. As you can see, it is right in the middle of the range, and their coverage has the same notable features as more expensive options.

Insurance Company Gold Plan Equivalent Cost for $10,000 Trip Notable Coverage Features
Allianz $304 Also offers good quality annual travel insurance
Travelex $377 Covers children under 17 at no additional cost
AXA Assistance Gold $400 Covers children under 18 for no additional charge Includes generous medical coverage and medical evacuation Access to 24-hour concierge service
General Global Assistance $400 Generous medical coverage and 24-hour access to a doctor remotely
HTH Travel Insurance $456 Specializes in longer trips, such as working abroad

AXA Assistance Travel Insurance Reviews FAQs

Do I Need To Purchase Travel Insurance When I Have Other Insurance?

Yes, you do need travel insurance when you have other insurance. Your other insurance will not cover key travel expenses, such as flights, hotels, cruises, lost luggage, and so forth. If you travel outside of the US, your medical insurance also may not cover you and may not be enough to cover additional expenses linked to international medical treatment.

What Happens If My Bags Don’t Arrive At My Destination?

If your bags are delayed by more than 24 hours, AXA Assistance USA will cover the purchase of certain key items, such as toiletries and a change of clothing, up to the limit set by your policy. You will need to purchase the items and then file a claim with AXA Assistance USA, so keep all receipts.

Will I Receive An Insurance Card To Take With Me?

You will receive an insurance card and full documentation via email, including all contact numbers. You should take these documents with you while traveling.

The Verdict

AXA Assistance USA is a strong contender in the travel insurance market, offering affordable policies with high levels of benefits. There are lots of addons so that you can customize your insurance as needed. Their 24-hour concierge service is a nice touch and helps travelers feel safe and secure.

AXA Assistance USA is certainly worth considering when choosing your next travel insurance policy.