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Allstate Insurance reviews

Allstate Insurance reviews

According to Allstate reviews, Allstate Insurance is a one-stop shop that offers a wide range of policies. The company provides insurance policies designed to protect you, your family (including the furry family members!), home, and vehicle.

In essence, ALL of your possessions are covered. Could this be where the company gets its name from? Does this then make Allstate one of the best insurance companies on the market?

To establish whether the company warrants the best insurance company title, how about we discuss its pros and cons.


  • Offers more than 113 proprietary policies
  • Has been in business for more than 85 years
  • Supports local communities as part of their social responsibility efforts
  • Provides general advice and financial information readily through their website
  • Provides strong coverage options
  • Offers generous discounts
  • Massive reach since it offers nationwide availability


  • Room for improvement with regards to customer service
  • Relatively expensive compared to other insurance companies
  • Accused of bad faith insurance practices

Types Of Insurance Offered

Allstate Car Insurance

Based on various Allstate car insurance reviews, Allstate is one of the best car insurance companies on the market. For the longest time, it was the  third largest auto insurance company in the U.S. This was until it was overtaken by Progressive Insurance.

Allstate offers a wide range of car insurance policies designed to protect your individual needs including your family or third parties driving your vehicle.

Aside from auto insurance, Allstate provides you with driving feedback to help you become a better driver and rewards you for responsible driving.

Under car insurance, the company offers the following coverages:

  • Collision
  • Comprehensive
  • Medical payment
  • Roadside assistance
  • Personal injury protection
  • Sound system insurance

Allstate Home Insurance

Allstate offers a wide range of home insurance policies to protect your home and its contents. Its policies cover aspects such as your home structure, personal belongings, and medical expenses for guests injured on your property. You can also pick a policy that covers you when you’re home-sharing.

Examples of policies offered include:

  • Personal umbrella policy
  • Mobile home insurance
  • Flood insurance

Allstate Life Insurance

Allstate offers policies to guarantee you and your family financial peace. Are you just starting a family of your own or nearing retirement? No matter the specifics, Allstate has plans that cater to you regardless of your life phase.

The team of local agents at Allstate will provide you with the best possible life policy to cover areas such as when you’re:

  • Starting a new career
  • Raising children as a single parent
  • Approaching retirement
  • Already living in retirement
  • Looking to grow your family

Pet Health Insurance

Your pets shouldn’t be excluded from insurance coverage. Allstates understands this, which is why the company offers pet health insurance for pets that are aged 14 years and younger.

Your pet is covered for illnesses, accidents, or surgery, to mention a few examples of the coverage on offer.

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How To Get A Quote

Once you’ve made up your mind to purchase one of the many insurance policies Allstate offers, the next step is to request a quote. Lucky for you, the process is pretty straightforward. Simply visit the website, go on the home page, select your desired product, and click “get a quote.” Then wait for the team at Allstate to get back to you.

What Does Allstate Insurance Company Cover?

In a nutshell, Allstate Insurance company covers both individuals and companies. Individuals have the option to choose between traditional and variable life insurance, be it auto, home, accident, or health insurance.

To companies, Allstate offers business insurance to cover products, buildings, and vehicles too.


Unfortunately, Allstate doesn’t have the upper hand when it comes to pricing. The exact price is dependent on the policy you pick. For example, when selecting an auto policy, the amount you pay is dependent on the vehicle, your age, insurance score, and driving history.

Learn more about insurance scores and how they’re calculated in our article: What is an Insurance Score?

But generally, Allstate is considered to have some of the most expensive rates on the market. The company charges twice the amount charged by the average insurance company. Yikes! But is the extra cost worth it? Let’s find out.

Customer Service & Satisfaction

As previously highlighted, the company is also lacking with regards to customer service. The company does, however, have a 24/7 hotline you can use if you want assistance.

But based on Allstate Insurance reviews, the company has received mixed opinions with regards to customer satisfaction. It follows that Allstate ratings equally fluctuate. The company has been awarded ratings that range from good to excellent depending on the platform. And some platforms have rated Allstate as below average when it comes to overall customer and satisfaction. The central reservations are attributed to claim resolutions.

You will find platforms awarding the company a superior rating regarding claim resolutions. But with regards to auto insurance, most Allstate reviews seem to favor the company. Most customers are pretty happy with the way the company handles their auto insurance claims.

On the other hand, the company appears to fall short when it comes to home insurance claims. Based on some Allstate homeowners insurance reviews, you can expect to receive your settlement within a week of claiming for cases relating to property damage. But delays are usually experienced during the review process.

Our Tips When Choosing An Insurance Company

Deciding which is the best insurance company to go with isn’t a walk in the park. It doesn’t help that there are countless insurance companies to pick from, with the next company claiming to be better than the last.

To lessen the time spent making a decision, pay attention to the following factors.

Is It An Independent Agent Or Insurance Company?

Insurance companies have their own local agents. On the other hand, independent agents aren’t affiliated with specific insurance companies. It’s argued that since loyalties of independent agents aren’t affiliated with insurance companies, they may not negotiate the best possible policies and terms for you. Insurance companies with their local agents are likely to be the better option.

Company Reputation

It’s wise to investigate the company’s reputation before welcoming it on board. Do a thorough background check on aspects such as the company’s years of experience, leadership, overall rating, product offerings, and so on. Visit the company website and read online reviews to obtain this information.

Financial Strength

Along with investigating an insurance company’s reputation, look into its financial strength, This will reveal whether or not it is likely to pay you when you do file a claim. Look into their annual financial results to ascertain such information.


Ideally, you want a company that offers you the best possible coverage to suit your individual needs. A company that provides a wide range of policies is better able to provide you with tailor-made coverage to suit your needs.


Of course, you can’t disregard the policy rates. Compare the price offered by your insurance of interest with those of its competitors. Generally, you’ll pay more for more coverage, and the opposite applies, too. Just remember that the adage” you get what you pay for” rings very true. Rather than fixating on the cost, ascertain what exactly the policy covers and if it’s comprehensive enough for you.

However, this doesn’t mean paying high prices for coverage when you can get similar terms cheaper elsewhere. If you can find a company that offers generous discounts, that would be even more advantageous.

Convenience & Professionalism

It’s always a joy to deal with a professional company that prioritizes customer convenience. Pay attention to how the company does business and whether they make interactions a breeze. Look for highly responsive companies that offer 24/7 support and online claim reporting, to mention a few features.

What Differentiates Allstate From Its Competitors?

Where Allstate excels from its competitors is in how it offers the following:

  • A dedicated team of local agents is committed to helping you get the best possible insurance policy for your needs.
  • A diverse workforce is ready to serve people of different backgrounds, financial statuses, and ethnicities.
  • A wide variety of financial services are on offer, so your chances of finding a policy tailor-made for you is all but guaranteed.
  • It’s a one-stop-shop company that doesn’t outsource its services.
  • You can process the company products directly through the company or via independent local agents.


Let’s round off the article by reiterating a few key points. Based on multiple Allstate insurance reviews, it’s one of the notable insurance companies in the United States for a reason. It offers a wide range of policies, employs a professional team of local agents, offers generous discounts, and has a broad reach.

Would we award it the best insurance company title? It does have a strong financial rating and a reputation for honoring its claims. Yes, some customers have their reservations in this regard, but this isn’t uncommon with most insurance companies.

With that said, will you be picking Allstate as your insurance company? Or is this one company that simply doesn’t tick all your boxes?

Allstate Insurance Reviews FAQs

Is Allstate Good Home Insurance?

Based on multiple Allstate reviews, the company has an A rating for financial strength, so it’s safe to say that it’s a good home insurance company. The application process is what most customers aren’t impressed with.

What Is Allstate’s Insurance Rating?

Based on Allstate customer reviews, the company has a 4 out of 5 rating on overall performance and home and auto insurance. Since it isn’t BBB-accredited, the company doesn’t have a BBB rating.